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Hats from Provides vintage photograph restoration, books, and photo dating tips to genealogists and historians. If you have a box of unlabeled photographs in your basement or attic, you aren’t alone. Most families pass down photos that aren’t labeled, and it takes a Have you ever considered using Pinterest for your Genealogy and family history research? I started using Pinterest for my family’s Edwardian Hairstyles. Revues et ouvrages anciens.

1910s Fashion

Find out what type of photograph you have Types of Photograph. Photographs of Victorian, Edwardian and 20th century ladies sorted by year to Photographs of people arranged by year to People by Year 5.

Photographs, dating from the early days of photography during the s through to Boardman – Edwardian photographs of the privileged family life of Norfolk.

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How Women’s Fashion Can Help Date Old Photographs

Dolores’s interest in fashion history dates from her teenage years when vintage apparel was widely available in thrift stores. Trying to identify ancestors while looking at old photographs can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you have one of those families where the same face reappears every generation or so. One method is to study what kind of clothing a subject is wearing in a portrait.

This is easiest if the subject is female as women’s fashions change more quickly than for men. In general, old photos of family members were posed and often taken by professional photographers.

Many Victorian and Edwardian family photograph albums such as these were acquired by the V&A in the s and 60s to show examples of the dress of that.

This dress is a tour de force of beadwork embroidery, indicative of French couture craftsmanship. The juxtaposition of three-dimensional and trompe l’oeil tassels is stylish and witty, and highlights the level of planning and care taken in the design of couture garments. The ruffles of the canopy of this parasol were particularly stylish during the teens, and the overall style echoes the skirts of wartime crinolines. Continuing the green color scheme, the jade handle is very attractive and coordinates perfectly with the canopy.

Circa wedding gown. Dinner dress Date: —12 Culture: American. Explore Chinkypin’s photos on Flickr.

Edwardian era

Have your portrait taken Edwardian style in the photographers. Be transformed into an Edwardian as you dress up in stunning costumes — what colour dress will you pick? Will you be a soldier or one of the upper-class town folk?

Have your portrait taken Edwardian style in the photographers. important for a photographer, whose business relied upon fashion and up-to-date technology.

Picture Norfolk is an online collection of over 20, local images which reflect thousands of stories of Norfolk life spanning the last years. Photographs, dating from the early days of photography during the s through to the present day. They range from amateur and informal family photographs to many types of commercial images including studio portraits, building surveys, tourism, industrial work, advertising and art photography.

Prints, ephemera, paintings and drawings of Norfolk subjects from the 18thth centuries also feature. Type a keyword or phrase into the search box on the Picture Norfolk homepage , such as the name of a person, place, street, building, event, date or subject. Births, ceremonies and deaths Business Care, support and health Children and families Education and learning Libraries, local history and archives Out and about in Norfolk Roads and transport Rubbish, recycling and planning Safety What we do and how we work.

About Picture Norfolk. What types of images does Picture Norfolk have? How to search on Picture Norfolk Type a keyword or phrase into the search box on the Picture Norfolk homepage , such as the name of a person, place, street, building, event, date or subject. Try these searches Try some of the search terms in bold below: Harley — s images by Paul Harley of punks, alternative fairs and demonstrations.

Finch — a remarkable survey of east Norfolk parishes and their people made by Henry Finch who was raised in the Norwich Yards and his family.

Dating old wedding photographs

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website you agree to our cookie policy. Dress historian, portrait specialist, and internationally recognized photo expert, Jayne Shrimpton, on using old family photos to learn more about your ancestors. A picture paints a thousand words and at no time is that more true than when analyzing old family photos for clues to help with your genealogical research.

Clothing, photograph style, and even the way your ancestors pose are just some of the valuable clues that can help you learn more about your forebears, and maybe even make some more additions to your family tree.

Wedding of Austin Coom and Rosina Nelson. The Edwardian era is the period covering the reign of King Edward VII to , and is.

Science and Technology 5 min read. Discover how Victorian inventors and entrepreneurs succeeded in capturing the very first images. Daguerre was the first person to publicly announce a successful method of capturing images. Daguerre released his formula and anyone was free to use it without paying a licence fee — except in Britain, where he had secured a patent. Above: Black and white lithograph entitled La Daguerreotypomanie.

This example has been adapted to take small rectangular images, and is fitted into a wooden box which once also contained the necessary equipment and chemicals. A daguerreotype is a single reversed image, made as a direct positive onto a silvered copper plate. Its reflective surface is an easy way to tell the difference between a daguerreotype and an early photograph taken using a different technique.

The image is made of a combination of silver and mercury, resting on that plate. Because they were so fragile, they were usually protected with a cover-glass and held in small leather-bound cases as treasured objects, in many ways similar to miniature painted portraits. As the daguerreotype process only creates one image at a time, multiple copies of the same picture could only be produced by taking several photographs, or by engraving directly from the daguerreotype plate.

See more daguerreotypes from the exhibition in our collections search. Daguerre was not the only person experimenting with photographic techniques in the early 19th century. Across the channel, English landowner, scholar and scientist William Henry Fox Talbot had produced his first successful negative, in the summer of

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Over the past 25 years, my project co-founder, Nigel Shephard, has collected around 25, photos and family albums dating from the.

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Pittsburgh wedding photography at freeones free online married personals on the island, which tells us it was in just another pretty dress. From all walks of a fine art film wedding scenes.

Victorian photographic techniques

How social networking actually dates back to much earlier than initially thought, to more than a hundred years ago. Around the world more than three billion people regularly log on to the internet, and more than two billion are active on social media. Most internet users have at least five social media accounts — with the number of users tapping into social networks worldwide increasing by m in the last year alone.

But now it seems this type of social networking, could actually date back to much earlier than initially thought, to more than a hundred years ago. New research shows that for our ancestors, the early 20th century saw a social networking technology that was unrivalled until the digital revolution a hundred years later.

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The photographs below were left to me by my Nanna, Nellie Onions. On the basis of probability the people shown belong either to the Holland, Thomas, Onion or Paddy families. I’m still trying to work out approximately when they were taken but have included a rough estimate for each based on what clues I currently have. Many of the photographs were contained in a Victorian family album. The dating I have attempted has been on the basis of a very useful website maintained by Roger Vaughan and an equally informative book published by the National Archives by Robert Pols called “Family Photographs – “.

I would be particularly interested if anyone viewing them here was able to give a more accurate view. Please contact me on hollandfamilyhistory btinternet. This studio portrait was taken by G Atkinson photographers of Chester who seem to have operated under a franchise from a company called Electric Daylight Studios.

The Barrington House

Apart from their obvious functionality, canes were an elegant accessory in the 19th century, when the afternoon promenade gave members of the fashionable set occasion to display their finery and genteel manners. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone.

In part II of our series on how to date old family photos, we discuss how to use women’s fashion to date old photos in your genealogy research.

The death of Queen Victoria in January marked the end of the Victorian era. Her son and successor, Edward VII, was already the leader of a fashionable elite that set a style influenced by the art and fashions of continental Europe. Samuel Hynes described the Edwardian era as a “leisurely time when women wore picture hats and did not vote, when the rich were not ashamed to live conspicuously, and the sun really never set on the British flag.

The Liberals returned to power in and made significant reforms. Below the upper class, the era was marked by significant shifts in politics among sections of society that had largely been excluded from power, such as labourers , servants , and the industrial working class. Women started to play more of a role in politics. The Edwardian era was the last period of British history to be named for the reigning monarch. After him, the reigns of George V and George VI did not get named Georgian era , this name reserved for the time of the 18th-century kings of that name.

Similarly, Elizabethan era refers solely to the 16th-century queen Elizabeth I and is not extended to the current Elizabeth II. The Edwardian period is sometimes portrayed as a romantic golden age of long summer afternoons and garden parties, basking in a sun that never sets on the British Empire. This perception was created in the s and later by those who remembered the Edwardian age with nostalgia, looking back to their childhoods across the abyss of the Great War.

There was a growing political awareness among the working class , leading to a rise in trade unions , the Labour movement and demands for better working conditions. The aristocracy remained in control of top government offices.

30 pro tips for making the most of old family photos

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website you agree to our cookie policy. Welcome to the fifth in our series of blogs about how to understand and interpret your old family photos. In this series, Jayne Shrimpton, internationally recognised dress historian, portrait specialist, photo detective and regular contributor to Family Tree, Your Family History and Family History Monthly magazines, dates and analyses different types of photographs and helps you to add context to your old family pictures.

Having learned in the previous blog how photograph compositions and studio settings changed over the years, we now look closely at what our forebears are wearing in old photographs.

Edwardian Fashion – Dating Edwardian Photographs & Dresses. Look For These 12 Details When Dating Antique Edwardian Clothes. Sleeves.

Evening dresses were often off the shoulder. Hair was parted in the centre with ringlets at the side of the head, or styled with loops around the ears and pulled into a bun at the back of the head. Paisley or crochet shawls were fashionable accessories, as were linen caps with lace frills for indoor wear, and large bonnets for outdoors. Capes with large collars were fashionable.

Very fashionable men sported low, tightly cinched waists, with rounded chests and flared frock-coats that gave them a rather hour-glass figure inspired by Prince Albert. They also wore tight trousers and waistcoats, with high upstanding collars and neckties tied around them.


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